Artefact Supply

Supplier of skillfully crafted, timeless menswear.

Our Company

Artefact’s mission is simple: to supply Birmingham with fresh takes on timeless, classic styles. We believe in the basics: great denim, well-crafted boots, crisp tees, trimmed oxfords, and other essential pieces. Our name derives from the Latin words arte and factum, meaning something made by skill, and we 're committed to supplying menswear and other goods that meet a standard of skillful craft and quality. We hope our commitment to skillfully-made, timeless pieces is a welcomed respite from commercialism and chasing the trend.

Our Founder

The son of a dry cleaner, I grew up around clothes since I began working for my father at age 15, where I developed an understanding of differing styles and the makeup of good-looking menswear. My admiration for timeless, classic styles and quality craftsmanship, however, didn’t come until a friend later went to work for Billy Reid, an up-and-coming Alabama designer at the time. I took an interest in supporting the local designer and soon began to realize the superior character of his products. I then searched out for other, similar brands to fill my wardrobe. The problem was that many of those brands could not be found in Birmingham, much less downtown Birmingham where I lived and worked.  While shopping online works well for some, being able to see and touch the article before buying works best for me. After finding similar opinions amongst my friends, I quickly realized a void in the Birmingham market, which gave rise to the concept for Artefact. My hope is that we create a place where each of you can find something unique and of such quality that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.